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Directly managed by Directors and Professionals with vast experience in warehousing and logistics
Computerised systems using ERP, Internet and office automation software
Highly committed and qualified staff of about 175
Continuous up gradation of skills and processes through training
Encourage independent functioning and local decision making for faster solutions
Low cost and High Reliability of services
Adopt ethical and professional business practices in compliance with all applicable regulations
High level of customer statisfaction in 10 years of operation
Transparency in operations
Implemented 5-S in all warehouses and offices

Handle about Rs 400 crores of sales per annum


Control about 2,50,000 sq.ft of warehouse space for 16 depots in 8 cities
Effected significant reduction in warehouse requirements bringing down costs
Diverse experience in warehousing products ranging from Home appliances to paint and cement
Client's ISO 9000 Systems implemented at the warehouse and depot
Storage Systems such as FIFO and stocking bays are followed
Fire Protection and safety norms followed
Handling, Loading and Unloading of Stocks at the godown
Track record of stock damage far below norms and Nil Shortage of stocks till date
Operate godowns on Sundays and National Holidays when required


Transport from factory to sales depots all over India
Transport to and from the warehouse to dealer points
A state wide distribution chain of wholesalers, distributors, retailers and sales agents are covered by road and rail
Handle Stock Transfer, direct billing etc.
Improved the net realisation per product by reducing C& F and incidental costs


Efficient distribution and delivery of material to dealer and retailers to ensure minimum transit and lead-time
Operations have been benchmarked with the industry to be very competitive
Control about Rs.400 crores sales per annum
Close interaction with market for improving service


Provide reports on all aspects of warehousing, logistics, accounting, costing, sales and outstanding
Generate Daily and other periodic reports
Prepare Annual Reports
Provide any information as and when required by the client
All accounting systems are automated and employees are proficient in the use of on-line systems and wide area networks, Internet and ERP
Through knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word, Lotus 123, Tally and other office automation products
Also maintain manual books of accounts, stock and sales registers and provide reports

Taxation, Insurance & Legal Compliance

Handle maintaining records, collecting forms, filing returns and assessment for Sales Tax and Excise
Handle E1 Sales
Insurance claims application for damaged stock as per client's policy
Comply with all applicable laws and regulations

Additional Services

Material handling within factory, ports and bonded / notified warehouses
Complete Accounting services for sales as well as for the client's Branch expenses
Sales collection and follow up
Balance Confirmation with customers
Banking and funds transfer
Operate Sales Schemes, Discount Sales etc. as required
Compliance of sales Tax and other statutory procedures on the client's behalf
Assist in the Appointment of Distributors / Dealers
Rural marketing, promotion campaigns and road shows in rural, semi-urban and urban locations
Can undertake labelling, repacking and bar coding


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